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inT 1 

Aarie Kiricwood 
In Charge of Publicity 

fhe three silver chalices and paten just purchased by the J. H* Wade Fund 
and showi this suaai&r, in the >5th Anniversary Exiiibition at Xhe Cieveiand duseua 
of Art are such objects as the fabled Holy Cirail must have been. Actually inscriptions 
upon them in Greek prove that they must have been made before 434 a.i)., wiiich makes 
thaa the oldest silver altar pieces in the »orld» 

They were excavated at the side of a lost tovsn of Rosafa on the right bank 

of the Euphrates in byria. It was here that two Roman officers, Bacchus and Sergius, 

had been martyred because th«^ were Christians, 

The 8e4#4 soft silver from Kfiiich they are made Is dulled by time as if 

seen through a mist but they have takKi on pearly tints from the patina of their 

long burial. One chalice has a ring of inciu station at an angle around its bowl 

showing the line of the earth where it was iiald covered, testimony of how rudely they 

must have been flung and how long left in the ground